by Sarah Barker



April 2, 2010 1:48 PM

Like i said before.... update site, just not my thing :p

Anyway, i'm half reviving my site again.

Reason: Yossy is going on a European Tour, yes thats right, she's coming to England, and I thought i'd blog my travel adventures again.

Keep your eyes peeled, I might even try to fix some of my links on the left :p

Take Care


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November 28, 2007 3:34 PM

I'm so bad at this whole website dealie lol.. again it's been nearly a year and no update...

So whats been going on... well lots of things really... but the main change is that after a painful month, well it's still continuing and i've had to get if off my mind some how... I present you with the new layout.

There are still a few pages which i need to do, well admittiedly i've actually only done the about me page and this homepage :p I'm hopefully going to continue on it today... I need to get my mind off everything else.

As for my life whats going on, Well i'm in my final year at uni.. it's going well but very stressful. I am living in the same house as last year in Portsmouth with a few of my friends ^-^ I can't believe i'll be leaving uni soon, it's so scary.
I've been going to a few more events recently where i've been having an amazing time meeting new people although now i'm feeling a little outsided again, but i'll still keep going and having a laugh. I had a lovely boyfriend but things didn't work out so i'm now back to single life.. i'm not liking it to be completely honest. I've started taking Japanese as an elective for uni so hopefully so i might actually learn the. Hmmm what else... oh yeah i got a small job with the S.A.S - Student associate scheme where i will be working in a local school teaching Art, Design, Technology and IT.. i might get to teach other areas too. OH YEAH how could i forget... I WENT TO JAPAN!!!!! (see travel blog)

What to expect from the site, Well i'm hoping to get all the pages working with the new layout although i'm still a little confussed about how the program actually works :p

Anyway i better get to work trying to figure out how to use the programs again.


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September 25, 2006 10:30 AM

Woah again it's been over a year, i'm not very good at the updating of websiteness.. Anyway, i have taken away a few pages due to ALOT of spam, and edited some of my old pages so they have the right information on them. I am hoping to get something back up there soon.

As for me whats going on, Well i've just moved into my house in Portsmouth with a few of my friends getting ready to start my 2nd year at uni, things should be good ^-^

What to expect from the site, i'm hoping soon enough i'm going to have some new photo galleries and new pages about my cosplays and thing. I am thinking of maybe added a new section for my favourite things, just keep your eyes peeled ^-^ Anyway i better get to work trying to figure out how to use the programs again.


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May 15, 2005 9:20 PM

Wahh it's been awhile... Ok i'm still really far behind and not all of the links are working.. still ¬_¬ sorry.... I have updated the collections link and a few more cosplays, but there is a long way to go. I also put up a new questbook cos the old one doesn't seem to work with the new site which is abit pants, but thanks to Ash for putting a quick guestbook together for me. I'm quite deteminded today to get all the cosplay links working so you might be lucky ^-^

Gotta dash now mucho work to be done

Ja Ne... Aqua

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August 2, 2004 11:00 AM

So I have a site and it's really bad i know but i'm trying hehe ^-^ There are a few pages missing, and they include the links, and Photos.... most of the pages have random babble on cos I've been testing lost of things out.... Anyway enjoy what i've done so far ^-^

Ja Ne... Aqua

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June 2, 2004 12:45 PM

Well this is my new site, i've been planning this for such along time, but never knew what i'm doing, but finally I HAVE A SITE. This site is mainly first going to be comprised of my costumes and art work i have made and drawn, and also a collection of all my friends favourite art works too. At some point I'll include the whole of my anime collection, so that people can see what I like and whether we have some of the same common interests.